Cloth Diapering by Guest-Blogger Frenchie

29 Mar
I’m Frenchie, guest blogger for Daisy and Violet, most likely chosen because I’m a bit opinionated, sarcastic and cynical. I’ve been married for 6 years to a great guy (we’ll call him Gamer Boy) and we now have a little ankle biter of our very own who we’ve dubbed Raptor Baby. We waited a while to jump into the family end of the swimming pool, and honestly if I had the choice we’d have had a baby long ago, but as we all know, sometimes men are a little slow to jump on the baby train, or at least Gamer Boy was. Now that we’ve had one, Gamer Boy is wondering why we didn’t sooner. *face palm*
So I’ve been thinking ever since Violet asked me to guest blog about when I turned into a crunchy, granola, tree-hugging mom. You’d never know it by looking at me – I dress professionally daily, like great shoes and purses, not much of an outdoorsy type at all. I’ve never particularly been the Berkeley type – never once have I owned a pair of Birkenstocks, have not shaved or gotten waxed (there is a place for hair, but IMO not on the female body – but that’s my own weirdness)  protested about anything, or truly been politically active beyond voting in general elections. I don’t even know that I would have considered myself crunchy/granola until she actually pointed it out, maybe I was only slightly west of crunchy by my own admission at the time. To tell the truth, it’s been driving me nuts ever since she told me because I’m obsessive like that. I went through all the typical phases: Shock and denial (What? ! I’m not fucking crunchy!), Anger (Who are you fucking calling crunchy?) then Reflection (Am I crunchy? Holy shit!) , then Acceptance (Yeah, that’s right I’m fucking crunchy. Damn it). However, I think I’ve finally come to terms with it – kind of like in high school when, if you were a nerd (which I was), and you realize your place on the social hierarchy of popularity and you try to fight it, doing everything you can to be more popular to just finally embrace the nerd within and realize all the popular kids are douches anyway. I’ve decided to embrace the crunchy for my own sake, because I just don’t have the will to fight it, and in the end it’s not so bad.
So what makes me crunchy? Well, a variety of things really – we grow our own veggies when we can, I’m a Bradley mom (we’ll that one for another post if I’m invited back), I’m still breast feeding my kidlet and she’s almost 11 months old,  but I guess my choice of cloth diapering and making my own wipes is what pushed Violet over the edge. Yeah, that’s right – judge me – I cloth diaper and it’s 2012. Am I doing it because I’m some tree-hugging environmentalist not wanting to leave my kid’s carbon footprint and turd filled diapers in landfills? No, I’m honestly not that altruistic. It was more the fact that I didn’t want to put all kinds of chemicals I can’t pronounce on my kid’s butt and I wanted to save some money.
What brought this on? I think when I was pregnant (or as Gamer Boy would say – pregnant and nuts) I was trying to figure out ways that I could stay home longer with Raptor Baby, because, unfortunately I’m not a stay at home mom, but I wish that I was. Much like Violet, I torture teenagers on a daily basis and get paid for it – I do love what I do, but I digress…where was I? Ah yes, cloth diapers. So I’m only slightly granola in the fact that I do in fact pay for a diaper service – I don’t wash shit-filled diapers myself – though I was open to the idea until I started dealing with the day to day reality of 3-4 poops , dodged that bullet didn’t I? Anyhow, how did we as parents get to this place? The discussion with Gamer Boy originally went something like this:
Frenchie: (reading Baby Bargains) Hey, do you even realize the amount of money we could save if we used cloth diapers and wipes?
Gamer Boy: (playing a video game) No, how much?
Frenchie: A lot, especially if we buy them and wash them ourselves. The wipes alone would save us a night or two out minimum.
Gamer Boy: (Actually stops playing game for a moment) Wait a second, you want to put shitty diapers in our washing machine? I’m not washing shit in our washing machine, our clothes go in there! I don’t even want to touch shitty diapers anyhow, much less wash them. Are you out of your damn mind?
Frenchie: You don’t even do the laundry, how do you get a vote as to what goes in the machine?
Gamer Boy: I am going to be changing diapers and I don’t want turd stains on my work pants or shirts.
Frenchie: You are? Oh that’s good, if not I was going to put them in your lunch or leave them under your pillow. It’s good that you’ve decided to participate – for your sake. How about a diaper service instead?
Gamer Boy: (Back at game again) Is it expensive?
Frenchie: No more than disposables every month.
Gamer Boy: (Playing game) Sure, if you want.
Frenchie: What about the wipes?
Gamer Boy: That’s all you, babe.
So, in the end I ended up getting what I had originally asked for without having to wash poop-filled diapers myself. Kind of a win-win if you ask me. Am I glad that it’s better for the environment? Yes, actually I am. To be honest, the wipes quite honestly don’t take that much time out of my day and I know what is being put on my kid’s skin. I’ve also realized that I’m kind of lucky because I’ve not experienced the poop blow outs that some of my other mom friends have experienced with disposables. As a matter of fact, the only time my kid has ever exploded into an outfit is when she’s been wearing disposables. (We do keep a small amount for emergencies). Have people thought we are nuts for doing it? Probably, but I’m a bit of a bitch – and usually ignore what people say when they are criticizing me anyhow. There’s not much of a learning curve once you figure it out. We had some fun at the start, but now it’s gravy. So cloth diapering, is it easy? Totally. Especially when someone else is washing the poop out.

6 Responses to “Cloth Diapering by Guest-Blogger Frenchie”

  1. daisyandviolet March 29, 2012 at 8:15 am #

    I have a question for Frenchie! How does the servic work? Do you have a bucket of crap sitting in your house for a week???


    • Frenchie March 29, 2012 at 9:30 am #

      They deliver super early on Wednesday morning every week. We get 50-60 cloth diapers in a waterproof bag and leave the dirty ones in the bag from the previous week. I’ve got a 13 gallon trash can with a lid in the bathroom connected to Raptor Baby’s room that the bag goes into, and voila! It’s pretty easy. The wipes get their own little trash can and get washed every other day. Thankfully most of Raptor Baby’s poops happen with the baby sitter. 😛

      • daisyandviolet March 29, 2012 at 9:33 am #

        That doesn’t sound too bad. 50-60 a week? Do you usually have enough.. or extra?

        • Frenchie March 29, 2012 at 9:44 am #

          Well, when Raptor baby’s not on antibiotics we usually have about 10 extra sometimes less. When she is…depends how they’re reacting with her system.

          • daisyandviolet March 29, 2012 at 9:57 am #

            Does the service provide the covers as well? There are so many cute cloth diaper covers.. It would lead me into a whole new shopping obsession!

  2. Frenchie March 29, 2012 at 11:19 am #

    No, you can buy from them, but I’ve gotten mine from small businesses and online. When she was younger I needed a lot more, but now I have only 6 or 7. 🙂

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