It’s raining.

27 May

It’s raining, and that makes me sleepy.

Did you know you can have bronchitis and not have any signs of a cold? I didn’t. Until yesterday morning, anyways. After 3 or 4 weeks of wheezing and not being able to breathe, I was sent to the ER by Terry. Yeah, I know. I should take care of myself. Gotcha. In my defense, the not breathing and wheezing thing was only at night and in the morning, and I really thought it was just allergies.

It wasn’t.

I also didn’t know that if you bust through the ER doors and can’t breathe, and your wheezing sounds like you’re breathing and speaking through a broken kazoo, the nurse at the front desk won’t take your name and tell you to go sit in the waiting room. You go right on in. 45 minutes later, I was done with the chest x-rays and onto the nebulizer. Ah, sweet nebulizer. Made me feel like I had guzzled about 27 redbulls and 4 pots of coffee, but I could BREATHE again. Little while later, Doc came back in, told me my x-rays were clear, and I had bronchitis.

I said “HUH?” I’m not sick. I was then schooled in the “Bronchitis is when your bronchii are inflamed and you can’t breathe.” (Or something like that. I was equal parts sleepy and jittery. Interesting combo)

Off I went to drop off my prescriptions for steroids (there goes my Olympic career) and an inhaler. Breathing is nice. Really nice.


By the way, this inhaler is super cool. It has a little countdown-to-empty thingie that goes down with every puff. The little thing that covers the mouth piece is connected, so I can’t lose it.  I feel like Daisy, the Super Nerd. It’s the lttle things, eh? I’m also doing the Queen Bee (my great-grandmother, remember?) thing, and conserving my inhaler. 2 puffs 4 times a day? No, no, my friends. 2 puffs 2 times a day, max. Make it last!


Please send me some pocket protectors and suspenders, ok?


-Daisy, the Super Nerd.

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