A New Mother Revelation

4 Jun

Thank you, Mommy. 

You came up when I was by my lonesome and took care of both your little girls. You cleaned my house, babysat your granddaughter, and spared me a few moments of Sesame Street so I could relax in Buddy’s absence. 

I even made it to Costco while she babysat the Pterodactyl.

It was the best Costco shop of my life.

I’m accustomed to half-day, drawn-out Costco trips. I’m accustomed to chasing my husband around the store while trying to soothe a cranky baby. I’m accustomed to saying, “No, Buddy, you don’t need another drill.” I’m accustomed to hitting up the free-sample dudes in order to keep up my strength for this monolithic endeavor. Not this time.

This time, I made it in the doors when they opened, whizzed through only the aisles I needed, threw my purchase in my cart, and scrammed before the crowds arrived. All in under 25 minutes. This is a huge deal to me. Since Pterodactyl arrived, I haven’t sneezed without her. Aside from going to and from work, that child goes everywhere with me. I think I’ve had one solo eyebrow wax since she’s arrived, and that’s because I snuck it in on my way home from work. Even the most mundane tasks now occupy triple the time they used to. (I can just hear you more-experienced mothers snickering. Go ahead. Laugh. I know this is common knowledge to you, but I’m still relatively new at this.)

Dear Readers, before you today, I make a vow. I vow to NEVER bring Buddy and Pterodactyl to Costco again. I vow to leave them at home every time I need to restock my 1000 count pack of toilet paper. I vow to spend less than half-an-hour in that warehouse, as opposed to the half-day it normally takes me.

One Response to “A New Mother Revelation”

  1. Blondie June 5, 2012 at 7:05 pm #

    You’re welcome. It was absolutely my pleasure. 🙂

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