Excuses, Excuses…

23 Jun

I know we haven’t written in a while.

Here are my excuses. I hope one of them flies for you.

1. My keyboard is broken; specifically, the letter “t.” I need to buy an external keyboard, because it’s a pain in the ass to copy and paste the letter every other word. (Count the “t”s. Go ahead. A lot of “ctrl-V”s, huh?)

2. Between work, family obligations, and the second job I’m taking, I’m pooped. (Yep. I’m taking a SECOND teaching job. Opportunity is just too good to pass up.)

(You’re still counting “t”s, aren’t you?)

3. Daisy’s triplets are on Summer Vacay, so she’s really on full-time mode. I’m surprised she bathes every day.

4. In order to be up for the gym every morning at 4:30, I’m in bed by 9; prime blogging hours.

We hope you still love us, in spite of the fact that we’ve become overwhelmed by life. Posts are coming soon; we promise!

(Bet you’re still counting.)



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