What’s Goin’ On in the Kitchen

24 Jul

We wanted to keep you abreast of our lives, in spite of the fact that we’re both useless bloggers these days.

Daisy is doing a little better. With the right combination of treatments and medicines, she’s quasi-functioning. Well, at least functioning enough to make this killer baked egg dish tonight which she subsequently emailed pictures of to Violet. (Did she bother to drop a portion in the mail? Of course not. Just text photos of yummy food. Keep it up.) You can expect Daisy to post the recipe (and hopefully a corresponding photo) of the delight soon. She’s very fortunate that she has the support of Terry, The Mayor, and The First Husband while she recovers from her boo-boos. The kids, as always, are angelic cupcakes of love. Apparently, Daisy has come up with a whole list of “First World Parenting Threats” to use when the kids are out of line. Let’s all hope her health recovers enough so that she can share these gems with the world.

Violet is slowing down a little bit. Job #1 is on a brief summer vacation, so she only has to worry about Job #2. After three consecutive weeks of house guests, culminating with Blondie and the Little Drummer Boy (baby brother), she’s going to set her house on fire so she never has to clean it again. Buddy is awesome, and has begun to join her in her little yoga addiction. She can now bend her leg behind her spine and use her toes to whisk sugar and eggs for frosting. Yoga = mad skills. Pterodactyl has one speed these days: running. Full blast. The cat and the furniture are suffering immensely, but it’s kind of funny. Her lexicon of language is growing exponentially, and fortunately for everyone, she’s limiting her use of foul language. Her favorite word these days is “shoes,” pronounced “shuuuz.” Pinterest has convinced Violet that her master bedroom is inadequate. There’s a redecoration in progress, converting the room from neutral Earth tones to yellow and gray. It’s going at a snail’s pace, but eventually her bedroom will be Pin-worthy.

What have you been up to, Dear Readers? Have we missed any major events in your lives? Please update us!



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