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50, the new 35?

20 Mar

Good morning, guys! In honor of the Mayor’s 50th birthday, which is tomorrow… She asked me to post a little something on her behalf.. Here she is!

The Mayor is campaigning for 50 to be the new 35!

The Mayor turns 50 sooner than later and I do not feel 50.. actually, more like 34 and 3/4. My mother was 50; not me! 50 is a BIG number. It’s the golden anniversary for all milestones. I don’t wear 50 year old clothes, I do not act or react like a 50 year old, I have not used a comb on my hair in several years.  I have some ink (being Daisy’s mom and all), I do not like the word “No,” as I believe everything is possible if you try, I truly enjoy hanging with my younger friends and when I am out with Diva, Intuitive & Handsome, I am told I have lovely children… (Though I am sure they are thinking “Damn, she spent a lot on turkey basting”)

The Mayor


So, what are your thoughts on aging? Should 50 be the new 35? Do YOU feel your age? Do you think age is an irrelevant number? Let us know! (and be sure to wish The Mayor a very happy birthday!)

Mom – You’re one of my best friends, who woulda thunk it?! Happy Birthday, we love you very much!

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