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Daisy and Violet Take a Stand

5 Aug

…And we stand against Chik-fil-a and their supporters.

This is not a free-speech argument. Nobody denies Chik-fil-a owner Dan Cathy his right to his opinion (no matter how stupid and ignorant it may be.)

We stand against a company which puts money into Cathy’s pockets. We stand against Cathy donating said money to organizations which support hate initiatives. What are we talking about, here? The Marriage and Family Coalition, started by Cathy, which is supported by Alan Chambers, president of Exodus International. What does Exodus International do? They promote “ex-gay” therapy, to “pray the gay away.” (Makes me wonder if we can “pray the Black away” or “pray the Jewish away.” Why don’t we just “pray” every time we encounter a people group that doesn’t fit in with our morals or ideals?) They call it “Set Free;” does anyone else find the irony in that?

He donates money to the National Christian Foundation, which in turn supported Focus on the Family. What did they do that pissed off your favorite heterosexual life partners? They stood in support of the Defense of Marriage Act, which aims to define marriage as existing between one man and one woman, by law.

Cathy supports the Family Research Council. They’re such an outspoken voice against the gay community that the Southern Poverty Law Group actually added them to a list of “Hate Organizations,” right up there with the KKK.

Daisy and Violet know (because the word “believe” implies that there is subjectivity to the statement) that people are born gay. Hormones, brain chemistry, whatever; we’re not scientists. We’re bloggers. But something chemical makes some people sexually repulsed by the opposite gender and attracted to the same gender. We believe these people deserve the same civil rights as straight Americans.

Daisy and Violet also believe in the Constitution. We believe in the freedom of speech. We believe in Cathy’s right to make his statements. We believe in keeping the government out of American’s lives, just like the authors of the Constitution intended. We believe in Thomas Jefferson’s words: “separation of Church and State” (we hope you know that that does not appear anywhere in the Constitution, kiddos.) We want to keep Constitution out of our prayers and our beliefs out of the Constitution. Daisy and Violet believe that all Americans should enjoy the same basic rights, in spite of race, gender, creed, religion, or sexual preference.

A friend commented on Facebook recently, stating that she’s had two failed marriages, implying that as a heterosexual, she’s no better than anyone else at this ” til death do us part” stuff. What makes us think that the gay community won’t get it right?


(Violet would like to challenge her Christian readers in support of CFA to find one verse in the Bible where Jesus, not Paul or the random author(s) of Leviticus, speak against gay/lesbian relationships.)

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